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Contact us: office: (850) 994-8391 cell: (850) 341-7203


Our Pricing Guide for Contract Printing requires at least 48 pc min.

When you try and determine the number of colors your design is, please count 1 for the (white)Underlay on colored tees, so white ink on a black tee is 2 colors, one color for the underlay and one for the highlight white.

Contract Printing requires a few things.

  • You supply the shirts, Deliver or Drop ship to: (4569 Struth Ln. Pace, Fl. 32571)
  • You supply the artwork, psd. photoshop files are prefered, but can use: ai. pdf. jpg. png. whats more important is that it is high resolution.
  • Printing on sweats/Poly/Blends etc. may require additional increases in pricing as will specialty inks, or even a lot of ink(large print area).